Houseplant Photo Challenge: Instagram Set

Throughout the month of October, I participated in an Instagram photo challenge themed around plants (and houseplants!). The #PlantoberPhotoChallenge hosted by @planttplanttplantt and @the_cheeky_seedling was such a fun way to share my own plant babes and meet so many new friends who are just as obsessed with plant-life! ((Seriously, plant people are THE BEST! I’m so thankful to meet all of you!))

The challenge was to take a new photo each day to go with the corresponding prompt. The result? I pretty much now have a plant photo diary, and have been so inspired to continue to share my plant journey. Please follow @planttplanttplantt and @the_cheeky_seedling for future photo challenges. And if you’d like, you can find me @fairytale_slavery.


I started the challenge with a photo of my most mature Monstera deliciosa vine. You can click on the photo thumbnails to see up-close, and hover over for the caption that went with the photo.


The #PlantoberPhotoChallenge totally inspired me to be a better houseplant gardener.
Can’t wait for the next one!