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Hello there!

Paula Geerligs is an artist, tea aficionado, and ACS Certified Cheese Professional® based out of Long Beach, CA. It was while working for a Master Herbalist that she deepened her love for tea, creating small batch tea blends for local businesses, while organizing tastings and workshops. She is currently a guest writer for the tea education blog T Ching.

Fairytale Slavery is a blog that serves as my own creative space where the things I dream up inside my head can come to life (with the swirl of my magic wand, of course!). I hope my creative journey can inspire others to see the world with sparkling eyes.

About me: I’m Paula, but my friends call me Astro. There is not a moment that I am not thinking about plants. I briefly studied horticulture, and have over 50 houseplants inside my small Downtown Long Beach apartment. I spend a lot of time caring for my houseplants, reading about plants, and going on plant walks (plant identification is incredibly fun, even if the plant ID courses were some of the toughest I’ve taken!)

My hair has been pink for years and years. I love folklore, hiking (especially forests), herbalism, collecting cups (and creepy dolls), reading, taking photographs, belly dancing, and making music. By the way, I’m a Cancer with Scorpio rising and Moon in Leo.

I hope you'll stick around, have a cup of tea, and learn something new while you're here!





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